The Great War: Tank Battles is a new table top game from Exile Into Imagination that combines strategy with history to make a compelling game based on the armored cavalry of the first World War. The game is ready to purchase!

TANKS! First introduced on the field during World War I in the Battle of the Somme, these engines of extermination changed warfare forever. 1916, 1917, and 1918 saw many of these juggernauts introduced. During the War to End All Wars there were 16 different types of tanks created by the Allies and the Central Powers that made it onto the battlefield. The Great War: Tank Battles basic set includes each and every one of those behemoths! 

Game play is FAST and EASY to learn! Set-up takes mere minutes. Game play usually takes less than an hour, but the players can adjust the game to last far shorter or far longer depending on time constraints. Since only basic reading and math are required, the game is suited for ages 8 and up.

How to Play:

Introductory Concept Video:

The above video is a short introduction to the game. There are longer, more in-depth videos at the bottom of the page. 

Thoroughly analyzed and using equations based on armor plating, speed, and destructive capabilities, Damage Points determine what it takes to bring one of these monsters down and Value Points dictate scores at the end of the game.  The basic set comes with 54 tank cards with distribution reflective of the actual numbers of each type of tank employed in battle.

Players utilize their Action Cards to fire weapons at the formations of their opponents, send in Air Strikes and Infantry Attacks, plant Mine Fields against their enemies, repair their tanks with Damage Control, use Evasive Maneuvers to avoid incoming fire, protect themselves from above with Air Cover, and even Retreat from battle entirely. When the going gets rough, players can also use Additional Tank cards to strengthen their formation. 

 Each different pledge level offers new bonuses that include premium cards available only during this campaign. The premium tank cards are specially marked with golden tanks that denote that they were acquired during this Kickstarter! The premium cards include new Action Cards… 

 …five different sets of Tank Cards representing designs that never made it to  battle…

 …tanks from the United States….

 ….tanks from the United Kingdom….

 ….and, because England didn’t know when to quit, even MORE tanks from the U.K……

 ….tanks from GermanyAustria-Hungary, and Mexico….

 ….and tanks from FranceRussia, and Italy!

There is even a pledge level that provides special Artillery Cards with their own premium Action Cards!

The Great War: Tank Battles Deluxe Set includes a limited edition box that is only available through this campaign as well as ALL of the premium cards offered in the previous pledges.  

 For those that would like a Deluxe Edition to keep and a Basic Edition to play PLUS an extra set of ALL of the PREMIUM cards, there is is following option: 

 The following video will provide a basic overview of how to play the game: 

 project video thumbnail
 project video thumbnail

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